SDK provides a fully functional Reliable Multi-Destination Transport Protocol, which is able to send data in a point-to-multipoint way (one sender to many destinations) as well as point-to-point. RMDT is available as a software library written in C++ and pre-compiled for GNU/Linux OS. The protocol has intuitivesocket-like semantics what makes it easy to build into the customer application.

RMDT has centralized transport control mechanism which allows to deliver data to several destinations semi-simultaneously. The protocol handles all the transmitted data opaque way, so no data compression or data deduplication is used, therefore it is applicable for any kind of data sets like files, data bases or video content. In case of bad connection conditions to a particular destination the protocol is able to separate the bad node and handle it individually: e.g. just drop respective receiver from the session or deliver that in a separated low-speed session without slowing down the “healthy” receivers.

Ability to handle typical IP network impairments such as packet losses, latency and jitter, as well as ability for cascading: one receiver can act as a sender to further recipients; provides incredible flexibility for application architects to create complex work flows for solving nearly all networking issues, where transmission of huge amount of data is required.